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  • Research and application of e commerce website evaluation

    (Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center News) Abstract: This paper analyzed and summed up the role and type of e-commerce website evaluation, evaluation methods and evaluation of electronic commerce website content and index system are reviewed, and pointed out that China’s e-commerce website evaluation research and deficiencies and the direction of development should be used.

    with the rapid development of Internet commerce, e-commerce sites have emerged, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Web site operators need to know the extent to which users are welcomed by users, how users use the site, the site’s success and shortcomings, and find ways to improve it. Website investors need to understand the operation of the site, brand strength and development potential, to assess the value of the site in order to make investment decisions. Consumers need to know how to find the best website to get the best service and the best value. To solve these problems, it is necessary to use appropriate scales and methods to evaluate the website. As a result, the strong social demand of e-commerce website evaluation promotes the research and practice of Web site evaluation. This paper intends to analyze the research and application of e-commerce website evaluation, in order to promote the further development of this research and promote the development of e-commerce website evaluation application. read more

  • Jingdong express = Jingdong self Jingdong proprietary in the end how A text reading

    these days on the Internet about Jingdong proprietary topic of discussion is very enthusiastic, one is the consumer buys all Jingdong proprietary goods invoice information is not Jingdong mall site, on the other hand, the Jingdong Jingdong Jingdong is self explaining "Group subsidiary since the battalion is the Jingdong owned". So, as long as the purchase of the Jingdong can be assured that the goods themselves, this time I will talk about how I buy Jingdong proprietary goods.

    Although read more

  • B2C directional flow promotion of several common ideas

    B2C directional flow promotion strategies are classified into two types: one is a free promotion strategy, promotion strategy for PPC! Today we have two kinds of exchange, see that the most suitable B2C directional flow promotion.

    free promotion strategy we are divided into: e-mail marketing, soft Wen marketing, SEO three categories, as for the forum marketing or blog marketing, I think it is not suitable for B2C marketing promotion!

    email marketing

    The arrival of the era of

    E, e-mail is playing an indispensable role in the network life. Network mail frequency is far higher than the current postman messenger. Save a lot of cost. It is directional and free, it will be profitable! How to use mail send mail promotion B2C? How will we know the attraction? The Internet, bulk mail, most of the filter into the trash, but the promotion strategy of personnel as chase email marketing, because it brings the effect is really very intuitive! read more

  • After privatization Dangdang can find the way to the future

    Dangdang missed a lot of opportunities, and Li Guoqing couple’s conservative style related. Now, how do they choose the next path?

    source: interface

    Yang Yang YY

    source: Vision China

    at the end of the magnificent double eleven war, Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing in the circle of friends and micro-blog are drying out of the preparation and record Dangdang, but not many people concerned about. The outside world has almost completely ignored the purchase platform.


    is going to open the 1000 entity bookstore news, so that people have noticed, oh, the original company is still alive. read more

  • The car behind the double 11 victory create a closed loop O2O industry leader

    after the 2013 experience, this year eleven, automotive electricity supplier whether it is marketing scale, dynamics, or model innovation, consumer experience, there is a big leap. Correspondingly, the sales performance is also rising, especially last year topped the BITAUTO record again this year.

    today the car manager broke the news, the number of payment orders BITAUTO BITAUTO two business platform – car benefits and easy car mall were 26 thousand, 37 thousand, 63 thousand cumulative payment orders; volume, only the car – car benefits a platform to achieve 15 thousand and 800. If the news is true, then the current data released in each car electricity supplier, in a significant lead position. read more

  • At the end of the electric business promotion for impulse spoiler bloodletting

    no holiday on the calendar, the electricity supplier will be produced; and some festivals on the calendar, electricity providers who will not miss. With the New Year holidays approaching, many electricity providers have started under the banner of "year-end promotions" from the start of propaganda, and the "double 11" led by Tmall, Tesco, "double 12" by the Jingdong, led by Tmall, the electricity supplier in the end of promotion, from other business voices is far more than Tmall and the two Jingdong mall "leader", at the end of the electricity supplier promotional show "Demons and monsters danced like mad." situation, for consumers, "melee" under the end of season whether the electricity supplier promotional brought real benefits? And the lack of the head in the "spoiler" at the end of the season and the electricity supplier promotional indicates that the industry what kind of change? read more

  • McKinsey warns luxury brands do not regret the electricity supplier

    to 2025, the electricity supplier channel sales of luxury goods will reach $77 billion 600 million.

    luxury always do not like electricity supplier.

    has been a luxury brand like amazon. After a run in chasing these luxuries in early July years, Amazon said no obsession "high-end fashion" piece of cake. In general, the luxury brand electricity supplier to see this matter very heavy. Celine had said not to have any relationship with the electricity supplier. Chanel was also the anti faction of the electricity supplier, this year are gone, in the Net-a-porter start a group of jewelry series. read more

  • As long as the management is not out of control the electricity supplier to open price war will not

    in the early May, the domestic electricity supplier companies in several platforms class price war intensified. Whether the Internet started Jingdong and Tmall mall, or in the traditional business model started Suning and Gome, have launched a price war to fight, even at the cost of their losses in the fight against the enemy.

    this, some people in the industry said the electricity supplier’s business should pay attention to their own quality of service, and not just focus on the price. But because the electricity supplier this business model, the biggest attraction for consumers is cheap". Compared to the offline mode of operation, can save a lot of electricity costs, such as labor, utilities, venues and other expenses. Because of this, a price war. read more

  • Alibaba want to fill the gap of 2 million e commerce talent

    compared to the rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce professionals have become increasingly scarce, the future talent gap will reach 2 million. To solve this "electronic commerce talents of foreign trade structural contradiction, the Alibaba launched the first domestic for foreign trade e-commerce marketing division certificate training, examination system, hope that through foreign trade and electronic business skills training, enhance the enterprise existing foreign trade personnel service ability, and gradually fill the talent gap. "The rapid development of domestic e-commerce, more and more foreign trade enterprises began to use e-commerce platform to expand overseas markets. But e-commerce talent can not meet the growing needs of e-commerce professionals." Alibaba official said Mr. song. read more

  • Mobile electricity supplier not channel expansion but a new venture

    Before the opening of the

    , first look at the three electricity supplier gangster judgment on mobile providers:

    "we told Alibaba’s wireless team that your job is to destroy Taobao, and when you’re out of Taobao, it’s time for success." – Alibaba Ma

    ten years ago, I worked with Chen Xuejun to do the Web side of the technology, then we have to re start the mobile terminal." – intime network CEO Liao Bin

    we (Jingdong) is not because of the growth rate of mobile Internet faster than the PC side, so to accelerate the mobile Internet investment, but we will define the mobile Internet for the future. Is not to add subversion. It is not a computer in another thing, and we think it is the future of all." – Jingdong Liu Qiangdong read more