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  • A follow the sea Amoy city opened overseas direct purchase of goods


    ] January 17th news billion state power network, the day before, Yuantong group announced the city’s business platform products officially launched overseas direct purchase business, will be the first line in Germany as the theme of the kitchen goods overseas in January 19th, including the well-known German brand Zwilling, FISSLER, Fu Teampoo etc..

    learned billion state power network, a German City Yuantong kitchen series products are imported from Germany, from the origin of goods, the fastest 10 days from overseas direct to consumers. However, the only early commodity Online beta, more large-scale overseas direct purchase activities will be on or after the spring festival. read more

  • Famous electricity supplier platform sales of dyed eggs posing as soil egg prices turn 7 times

    to buy eggs, people tend to prefer eggs in the soil, that it is more nutritious than ordinary eggs, more safe and healthy.

    recently, a Qingdao people found that the purchase of soil eggs not only egg yolk color is particularly deep, even the egg white is also red, after the experts to judge, it may be caused by the addition of a stain in the chicken feed".

    Hebei Shijiazhuang area an egg farmers told the Beijing News reporter, "staining egg" is very common, adding a small amount of red and yellow pigment in chicken feed, "a few days later, chicken egg yolk color is deep, so the eggs can be soil egg price to sell, more money". In the market, the price of eggs is significantly higher than ordinary eggs. read more

  • How to do e commerce marketing soft Wen

    is now doing more and more e-commerce, but there is always a little economic strength of the enterprise or factory, will recruit so 35 shots, to carry out their own e-commerce platform. But now the electronic commerce platform is no longer as the year that the platform, spend a little money, coupled with some online activities / push will attract a large number of users to the consumer.

    e-commerce competition now, especially the cost of SEM marketing is getting higher and higher. So many e-commerce companies looking for more effective and more economical way of promotion, such as the fire did not SEO, but SEO is only suitable for the icing on the cake, but not for the timely assistance. read more

  • Net duct witness a confession don’t chowhound iPhone 7 as long as burst thigh

    iPhone 7, netizens and fry: to flaunt the nouveau riche, please eat grass root soil as early as possible. There are users ridicule: finally can use the girlfriend iPhone 6……

    In the

    group as one falls, another rises Tucao sound, away from the noise of the upright are chowhound didn’t care. Their real idea is this: iPhone 7 delicious it is not so expensive, not as good as a few "burst thigh"……

    What is the

    explosion thighs? Good? As a senior chowhound, they will tell you: "I only wear on the leg, thigh burst"! In Zhengzhou, do not know the "explosion thighs" you really out. Today, let’s only listed company – web hosting network duct Xiaobian take you to understand the chowhound who loved delicacy brand. read more