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  • Talk about how to attract popular sites in a short time

    The new

    by Baidu, Google and other search engine included, the next step is how to develop the website. So specific to do which step? I think that is how in a short period of time, how many people know! It is to improve the flow rate of IP! Here I will tell you what my heart my website: novel nets is how to raise awareness in the short period, increase the flow of IP also hope! Everyone a discussion, not to say everyone a correct, learn from each other. My group: novel network official group: 57205041. read more

  • About online marketing experience sharing

    on the network I is a small webmaster, in reality I am an ordinary man, a network in real life, a lot of websites offline promotion articles on the Internet, in life are you aware? The following is "soft" webmaster in real life on the website offline marketing experience sharing:

    1 newspaper advertising, newspaper advertising, the site has just started in general do newspaper advertising, a little strength can do newspapers advertising, with the popularity of business cooperation can be combined to do image ads, in Fuzhou, where the site the basic pattern of qualitative, combined with many of the activities of a website with a business advertising information newspaper! There are many small sites do newspaper ads! Soft advertising has been largely well-known website read more

  • Less money fewer people fewer resources to start up VC in the heat flow of oil in the capital mark

    For most

    has shown clear trend has even become a hot market outlet, both looking for projects, investment decisions, and even arms race level finance driven competition, entrepreneurial VC may be hard to reflect the significant comparative advantages.

    Hu Haiqing (left) Zheng Yi (right)

    in the capital market the heat flow of oil in the summer of last year, in the office and the taxi up migration of investors innumerable Beijing, Hai Qing and I started a new journey, with an early start the risk investment fund. read more

  • Domestic O2O enterprise E bag wash completed 100 million financing Baidu lead

    [Abstract]e bag wash will be used to subsidize the user funds, the introduction of domestic and foreign professionals from all walks of life, while expanding the small e Butler team, to create a neighborhood service ecosystem to build the foundation.

    Tencent science and technology news (Lei Jianping) August 5th news, e bag wash today announced the completion of $100 million financing, the current round of financing led by Baidu investment, Jingwei China, SIG with investment. However, Tencent technology can not confirm the specific amount of financing. read more

  • NetEase CEO Ding Lei fast is the entrepreneurial thinking errors

    in the work, do not know if you have noticed a phenomenon: some leaders often put "innovation" and "fast". These words… Guazaizuibian, sounds of these words is very great glorious and correct. In the past, the vote also think that these words, even if not necessarily in every company can play a role, but often mention the company is always good.

    until I read Mr. Ding Lei’s article, I realized that these words are likely to be a lot of start-up companies to a dangerous place. In this article, Mr. Ding Lei recalled his own business these years have fallen over the pit, all the way out of the experience and the unique understanding of entrepreneurship. Perhaps Mr Ding Lei’s wise remark of an experienced person can help you avoid detours. read more

  • Baidu encyclopedia experience sharing

    do network promotion website webmaster to know Baidu encyclopedia in Baidu’s weight is very high, so there are many webmaster want through the Baidu encyclopedia entry to bring weight, flow and certain brand promotion value for your website. But now the Baidu encyclopedia is difficult to create, we look at Taobao or some soft text publishing institutions, has been the entry of Baidu encyclopedia as soft text distribution channels, less than dozens, hundreds of. Many friends also try to create their own, can have a high success rate of 10%. So, how to quickly create a Baidu Wikipedia entry, after a period of exploration, have some experience, that is not to say the book, equipment manufacturing Xiaobian believe: as long as the master of the three detail below, will be audited by the probability of a large number of. read more

  • How do provide a forum for the implementation of the planning program

    has a lot of planning and promotion company specializing in the Forum Forum at present, plan to do just perfect will get a multiplier effect, I engaged in the forum planning work also has many years of experience, here to share with you how we should do the forum planning, how to provide a forum to promote the complete solution for our enterprise customers.

    , project description

    said the simple point is that you need to do this kind of thing to say about. Project description of the main three things clear: first, promotion of content, through communication with customers, understand their needs, determine the focus on the promotion of content, such as customer brand, a product and so on; second, promotion time, this is your promotion plan required for the duration of the need to say clearly; third, promotion goal what is the need to achieve the effect, such as improving the enterprise’s reputation and awareness, promote the audience’s understanding of the product, realize the benign interaction with the potential audience, preference and so on, why did you choose your customers to provide services to them, because you can help him achieve these goals. read more

  • Double eleven express volume approaching 600 million accused of shopping disaster

    When Taobao

    Tmall "double eleven" on the 57 billion 100 million day sales record again, express industry is already coming exam once a year. Display information monitoring system, from November 10th to November 17th in 7 days time, the whole industry needs to deal with the mail (mail) will reach 586 million, an increase of nearly 70% over the same period last year, the highest daily processing capacity will be close to 100 million, growth of 54% over the same period last year, this year is the daily handling capacity (33 million 90 thousand / day) 3 times. read more

  • How to evaluate the credibility of the shop is credible

    With the rapid development of online shopping market, more and more people are accustomed to shopping through the network, but also encountered many problems in the online shopping

    . Recently, the problem has occurred on the shop reputation. Some sellers because of its bad buyers disgruntled and call harassment, even resorted to some "Yinzhao" or "sunzhao". Even more disturbing is that the original shop can indicate the degree of credibility of the credit rating, there are some shop to spend money to hire "brush credit" or delete poor phenomenon. read more

  • CCC research report into the golden period of China’s e commerce development

    gold research recently published a depth of e-commerce industry research report, the report believes that China’s e-commerce into the golden age, the main points are as follows:

    electronic commerce in business "as the core, electronic means, the use of network technology to the traditional business activities shift from offline to online, to help businesses and individuals to break the traditional trade activities of the geographical barriers, realize the personalized collaborative manufacturing and scale effect. In the past ten years, China’s e-commerce network and information was successfully grafted onto the base of traditional enterprise industrialization, and gave birth to the Alibaba as the representative of the many outstanding B2B e-commerce enterprises, service millions of small and medium-sized enterprises China family businesses. With the growing scale of Internet users in China, the application of the terminal is more popular, e-commerce is an irreversible change in people’s daily life, the rapid development of e-commerce applications in the golden age. read more

  • Mother into sea Amoy sea purchase the United States vip com focus koala biggest category first

    Ali spent $56 million to become the electricity supplier maternal Zulily major shareholders, the top 3 impact import electricity supplier koala sea purchase price war hundreds of millions of monthly subsidies, investment months many enterprises mother expand bonded warehouse, excluding losses to seize the market mother infant category has become the focus of various scouring the sea battle in 2015.

    with two-child policy of gradual liberalization, Chinese maternal market has become the hundreds of billions of dollars in huge market, will be the development of a new giant electricity supplier a market value of billions of dollars. Mother who became the first category, who will win the new electricity supplier giant throne. read more

  • The advantages of tourism e commerce

    China’s e-commerce is still in its infancy, but it is developing rapidly, there are more and more tourism enterprises also joined the e-commerce marketing force. Compared to traditional tourism marketing, tourism e-commerce obvious advantages, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

    one, and the tourism industry and products have a strong fit

    first, association of tourism industry is very strong, the need for coordination and cooperation in transportation, telecommunications, commercial, light industry, urban construction, culture and cultural relics departments, thus making decisions, should be taken into account in the catering, accommodation and other related products and services to tourists, but also to meet the needs of the industry. Tourism e-commerce can take many tourism suppliers, travel agency, tourist together, scenic spots, travel agencies, Turisthotellet and tourism related industries can use the same website to attract more customers. On the basis of complementary advantages to improve the efficiency of the use of resources, the formation of banks, travel agencies, tourism products, tourism, the Quartet win-win situation. Secondly, the majority of tourism products are intangible and can not be stored, the production and sales process is completed in the process of service, to avoid the problem of modern e-commerce distribution system is imperfect. read more

  • The central bank issued the fourth installment of the first payment of the third party to pay televi

    yesterday afternoon, the central bank website announced the fourth installment of the third party payment license issued results. As of press time reporter, including Su Ningyi,, NetEase, including 95 party payment companies to obtain a license, so the central bank issued a total of 196 party payment licenses for the third party third. Most notably, the type of business in the payment, the first appeared in the digital TV payment business.

    previously, in May 26, 2011, in August 31, 2011 and in December 31, 2011, the central bank issued a total of three batches of a total of 101 party payment license third. read more

  • Taobao on the copy the pain points of consumers hold time

    if you are still being bothered by the ads on Taobao, if you haven’t got the right get Taobao ads, please be assured that this article is open, you will understand how low it is.

    leaders sent me a picture

    asked me what my

    this picture below that of the long

    I told the leader after reading

    this copy must not have a husband,

    "he’s not even a man,"

    should be led out to listen to my implication

    gave me a

    (ER)… In fact, a few words (


    "you are not TA, how do you know there is no husband," read more

  • Tmall TV is scheduled to break ten million Geek horse extraordinary day group

    as of this morning (August 10th), the official name of the official website of the micro whale TV Tmall flagship store ( has broken million. The early morning of August 3rd, micro whale TV ( Tmall chips mystery open, 24 hours at Zanpowan, ahead of the completion of the public to raise the target. In order to give back to the user’s enthusiasm, micro whale then open a dollar privilege activities, as of press time, a predetermined amount exceeded five digit mark. Micro whale TV has not yet released, has triggered such a strong response. Public opinion that, now the pre-sale is very popular, have to admire the halo effect behind the star team comes, a geek exclaimed, days run really extraordinary. read more

  • Good shopping sites should pay attention to a few points

    make a shopping website is not difficult, and even the Internet there are a lot of this template, however, to make a successful shopping site is not an easy thing, super vision network that, when making the shopping website must pay attention to the following four points:

    1, reality

    , that is to say, the user can reach, do not increase the difficulty to the user, set some need to overcome difficulties in order to reach the target site, if the site sales is worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of industrial equipment, your goals do not set for direct online sales, but the business goals set for visitors, or ask for further information, or to obtain quotations, product catalogs, or directly call the sales department, in short, do not let the user directly ordered such a large amount of products on the Internet, this is not always true. read more

  • Google arbitration called the googel domain name is called the confusion approximation

    Xinbaoxun (reporter He Wenhua) a Google name spelling is very similar to the domain name, this month by Google company to recover by arbitration. And the owner of the domain had spent 700 euros on it.

    read more

  • Stationmaster net fourth excellent optimization contest ended

    station network news July 15th, sponsored by the Admin5 webmaster network fourth excellent optimization contest recently successfully concluded, the contest since the beginning of April 12th, the end of July 13th, which lasted 3 months.

    this contest selected before the major search engines do not search for records of the phrase "bobaiyou" as the competition keywords, "World Expo" and "Baidu optimization", I wish the China Shanghai World Expo successfully held, ranking the competition in the competition website search engine in Baidu search "Bo excellent" as evaluation standard. read more

  • The Ministry of Railways reply 12306 refers to the disclosure law give an irrelevant answer

    lawyer Dong Zhengwei to reporters show the Ministry of Railways reply

    Beijing News (reporter Liu Chunrui) Beijing well-known human rights lawyer Dong Zhengwei sent a letter to the Ministry of railways, 12306 for public website construction, design and bidding process all the information about the latest progress. Yesterday, Dong Zhengwei said, received a reply from the Ministry of railways, but did not reply to the application for public information.

    Ministry of Railways recommends its Internet search read more

  • WeChat weixin com cn domain name rumor is not 1 million 800 thousand win

    renamed China ( April 14th News reported yesterday, China renamed "WeChat" domain name with 8 digit price of the transaction, triggered heated debate in the industry, today, domain name investors wear step fashion, especially from the hands of another domain name WeChat Sheldon win, it is said that the price of 1 million 800 thousand yuan. price 1 million 800 thousand yuan?

    Dai Yue recently acquired rumors, the price is 1 million 800 thousand yuan, but the name Chinese by wearing my step verification, and no price reached 1 million 800 thousand yuan, but at the level of one million yuan. According to Dai Yue said is a price quote, basically no counter-offer scored. read more