• An Exclusive Look Into The Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s Exciting New Album Release

    first_imgChris Robinson has clearly learned that one of the most important keys to success is proper preparation. On Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel, it’s obvious that he and his band did their homework. On their fourth studio album, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood show off their unity and soul with a set of songs that perfectly utilize the skills and easy musical camaraderie that the band has built through years of sharing stages and tour buses. Having put in that time to completely gel as a unit, the band is free to further explore the southern fried soulful and funky results of the interplay of their various talents, which they do to great effect on their newest album.The band’s bubbling, southern psychedelic sound has evolved since their last studio album, 2014’s Phosphorescent Harvest, adding a richness and a depth beyond any previous work.  While obviously the star of the show, Robinson shares sonic space freely with his collaborators, particularly guitarist Neal Casal and keyboardist Adam MacDougall. Both men have powerful musical voices but manage to work in harmony with each other, all under the emotive drawl and chords of Robinson.“Narcissus Soaking Wet” opens the disc with a dreamlike intro that slowly coalesces into a funky, cosmic groove which casts a powerful spell from the very first notes. A slinky guitar line blends with a percolating organ from keyboardist and song co-writer MacDougall before expanding to a trance-like jam from the heart of the early seventies. Casal’s use of slide on the following “Forever As The Moon” is suitably restrained so that the majestic sound of his chords doesn’t drown out the rest of the piece. Here Casal, as throughout these recordings, takes great care to serve the song not his own ego, managing to compliment but never overwhelm the mid tempo tune with his peels of guitar joy.Whether tossing off a floating, quirky quasi-instrumental like “Give Us Back Our Eleven Days” or allowing Robinson and Casal let their jamming do the talking for them in the impressive outro on “Leave My Guitar Alone.” Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel never loses sight of its tone and pace. “Oak Apple Day” exemplifies the languid and funky approach that is the order of the day, with all the hallmarks of the album prominently on display. Syrupy guitar leads, reedy organ flourishes and a call-and-response lyric that has Robinson entreating listeners to “Relax Your Mind,” which sums up the albums lyrical and sonic intent perfectly. Closing the album with “California Hymn” Robinson’s roots show the strongest with a plaintive pedal steel guitar and his charming drawl both turned up to their highest intensity, sending listeners out with a last moment of righteous fire.“All it takes is one good, small idea, and then if everyone’s focused and in the moment, a few hours later, you can have something that you realize you’ll be playing for as long as you’re making music,” said Robinson in a statement. “I think when everyone’s aware that that’s the sort of magic that we’re looking for. More than any other session that I’ve ever been a part of, that’s how all of these songs were done.”As is often the case, having a strongly defined musical identity can be a double edged sword for a band. While obviously great care has been shown to make each track open and accessible, the soul and spirit behind them is personal and pervasive. Chris Robinson and his band aren’t trying to please the world, they’re just making the best music they can, and they’ve done themselves proud with this album. Flowing like a twisting and turning river that wanders but never loses sight of its destination, Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel delivers a wonderful escape from the maddening beat of the modern world. As gifts go, a sanctuary for the soul, no matter how momentary, is a true blessing well worth sharing.Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel is due out this Friday, July 29th. You can find information about ordering the album here.last_img read more

  • PREMIERE: Pimps Of Joytime Tell New Tales On “Third Wall Chronicles” Album [Stream]

    first_imgSomewhere on the frontier between funk and soul, Brooklyn’s own Pimps Of Joytime are out there, fighting to bring their horn and hook laden dance music to the people. On their latest release, Third Wall Chronicles, the Pimps show how remarkably far they have come in their pursuit of the perfect groove. Having distilled their sound down to a lean, mean essence, the band has seemingly found the perfect blueprint to success with the tools in their shed.Live For Live Music is excited to premiere the entire album today, just two days before its official release on Friday, March 24. Says Brian Jay of the album, “I’m excited to be putting Third Wall Chronicles out into the world. My heart and soul is in these tracks and I feel we hit a new level aesthetically. My biggest hope is that people will resonate with the work and get as much enjoyment out of listening to it as I did making it.” Stream the whole record below:Case in point: the first track on Third Wall Chronicles, “The Funk (Give Me A Hand),” features some imaginative and infectious beats from percussionist Mayteana Morales and drummer John Staten that go far beyond the accepted norms. Morales’ fills manage to be ever present but not overdone while Staten’s rock solid pocket shows a complete grasp of scale and accomplishing more with less. This platform gives guitarist and vocalist Brian Jay plenty of room to wind his slinky leads in and out of bassist and keyboard player David Bailis‘ lines with an innate and impressive series of twists and turns.Everyone in Pimps Of Joytime seems to be spinning multiple plates at the same time. Tracks like “Play” and “On Tap” you can tell that years of working together have given them a trust in each other that can only be earned. While “Play” has a youthful spunk that spreads smiles far and wide, “On Tap” smolders with a sultry and sensuous undercurrent that is decidedly more adult. Their command of a wide range of song styles stems from their overall unity. Tracks like “Jack Stackin” let everyone have a moment to shine but the brightest moments are when they are working as a unit, such as on this tune.Though the Pimps are surely their own band, they take a few moments to honor the styles and sounds that paved the way for them. “Reverend Soul” could just as easily have existed in the sixties or seventies as the modern day. They even bring in a link to those halcyon days with Dumpstaphunk mastermind and impeccably pedigreed Ivan Neville on “Mud,” a slow simmering burn that features a classic break down coalescing into sheer funk gold. Even when they strip down their sound, as with Jay’s near naked tone on “Neara To Your Fire,” the Pimps are still as thick and greasy as any band in the land.Third Wall Chronicles fills a much needed slot in the collection of any funk aficionado interested in the future and longevity of the genre itself. Listening to their fresh take on the best known conventions of the form is heartening and habit-forming at the same time. Each listen reveals an unheard fill, an unnoticed time change, or some other well-placed addition to the funkosphere. With dedicated students of the form like Pimps Of Joytime working hard to craft new grooves, it seems like the future of organic dance tunes is in good hands indeed!PIMPS OF JOYTIME — SPRING 2017 TOUR DATES3/22 — Gypsy Sally’s — Washington, DC3/23 — Ardmore Music Hall — Ardmore, PA3/24 — The Wonder Bar — Asbury Park, NJ3/25 — The Bowery Ballroom — New York, NY4/1 — The Sinclair — Cambridge, MA5/5 – House of Blues – Parish – New Orleans, LA5/6 – Howlin’ Wolf – New Orleans, LA5/20 — VA Beach Funk Out — Virginia Beach, VA5/26 — Rooster Walk — Martinsville, VA6/3 – Sun Drenched Music Fest – Denver, CO6/10 – Enchanted Forest Gathering – Laytonville, CA7/2 – Waterfront Blues Festival – Portland, OR8/4 — Salmonfest Music Festival — Ninilchik, AKlast_img read more

  • Board of Trustees elects new chair

    first_imgEffective July 1, John J. Brennan, chairman emeritus and former chief executive officer of the Vanguard Group, will serve as the chair of Notre Dame’s Board of Trustees, according to a University press release Friday morning.Brennan, who was elected Friday by the Board of Trustees, has served on the Board since 2009 and has also served as a Fellow of the University, a 12-member group charged with electing Trustees, amending bylaws and “maintaining Notre Dame’s Catholic character,” according to the release.University President Fr. John Jenkins praised Brennan’s prowess in the business world as well as his generosity.“As one of the nation’s most respected and trusted business leaders, Jack Brennan’s advice is sought by everyone from heads of state to financial regulators,” Jenkins said in the press release. “His guidance and generosity have helped Notre Dame immeasurably since he joined the board in 2009. Jack succeeds [Richard] Dick Notebaert, who as chair presided over a decade of tremendous advancement in Notre Dame’s facilities, benefaction, research capacity and international reach.”Brennan, who attended Darmouth College as an undergraduate and Harvard Business School, has had three children graduate from Notre Dame. He said the University has played an important role in his life.“From the first moment we stepped onto campus, we were taken with the mission of the University and the passion and quality of the people,” Brennan said in the press release. “Notre Dame is an integral part of our family, and we consider that a tremendous gift. I’m honored to be selected by my fellow Trustees to chair the board of one of the world’s great institutions of higher learning and to follow an outstanding leader like Dick in the role.According to the press release, Brennan joined Vanguard in July 1982. He served as the investment firm’s president beginning in 1989, CEO from 1996 through 2008 and as chairman of its board from 1998 to 2009, according to the press release. He has also served on the boards of a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations.Tags: Board of Trustees, Fr. John Jenkins, John Brennanlast_img read more

  • Going global

    first_imgBy Stephanie SchupskaUniversity of GeorgiaDimple Bansal spent a weekend in August going through the Georgia 4-H Global Ambassadors Program. Inspired by the knowledge and experience, she organized an Operation Christmas Child gift box drive at her high school this month.“Being a global ambassador motivated me to go out and do more things for the global world,” said Bansal, who attends Berkmar High School in Lilburn, Ga. “You feel good when you’re not giving to yourself, when you imagine a child’s face when they see a box of toys only for him or her.”Operation Christmas Child collects shoeboxes filled with toys to send to children around the world in desperate situations, places such as war-torn countries and regions devastated by natural disasters.Bansal and four other Georgia 4-H’ers are the first to take the 36-hour program. The other high school participants were Nick Evans from Clayton County, Ethan Craigue from Coffee County, John Scott from Madison County and Jerico Phillips from Carroll County.“I’m very proud of her,” said Jeff Buckley, who is the 4-H global and citizenship programs coordinator with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. “I was very impressed with the overall level of knowledge of global issues that all the ambassadors brought to our training weekend. It made me feel good about youth in general, about the future.”During the program, the ambassadors learn and debate global topics and how they impact life in Georgia. “One of the main goals of this is to help Georgia 4-H’ers become more competitive,” Buckley said.Buckley charged the ambassadors to first do something in their communities. They have a few months left to complete their projects.“I encouraged them to do a project they were interested in,” Buckley said, “exposing them to some options that they could take back to their counties.”With her project, Bansal has shown her friends that there’s more to life than just high school and that being globally involved is important. “Some people at my school, they haven’t been outside Atlanta,” she said. But Bansal has.In 2001, she moved to Valdosta, Ga., from India. One of the first extracurricular activities she chose in south Georgia was 4-H. She’s been involved since.Buckley said 4-H is doing other things to increase Georgia students’ awareness of cultures, languages and traditions other than their own. For examples, students can participate in exchange programs or monitored online correspondence.For more information on Georgia 4-H global programs, go to the Web site or call (706) 542-8735.last_img read more

  • Mexico and Colombia Reaffirm Their Skills at Sea

    first_imgBy Myriam Ortega Torres/Diálogo September 06, 2017 Three Colombian ships, one aircraft, and several rapid response units met in Málaga Bay to carry out Operation Pacífico III. The Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet led the training with the participation of the Mexican Navy ship ARM Zapoteco. “You have to make tactical formations,” Rear Admiral Luis Hernán Espejo Segura, the commander of the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, told Diálogo. “You have to remain within the stations on the maneuvering board assigned to you for exercises in which the ships have to navigate skillfully under various orders that are announced by the person commanding the task group.” During the early July exercise, participants practiced maneuvers for weighing anchor, interdiction tactics, navigation in restricted waters, and naval weaponry firing. These complex duties require high levels of coordination and maneuvering, especially considering that the ships exceed 1,000 tons. Common threats and shared opportunities Operation Pacífico III is an international exercise led by the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet for the purposes of improving monitoring and security at sea, standardizing procedures, and facilitating combined operations with the navies of other nations with interests in the Pacific. The exercise was held for the first time with Panama April 24th to 28th, the second time with Ecuador May 16th to 17th, and this third time with Mexico. Operation Pacífico has prioritized holding these exercises to develop skills directed at tackling real-world challenges. “The struggle against transnational crime, security aspects of human life at sea, and aspects of conserving the environment [are] shared objectives that our nations have in the face of common threats but also shared opportunities,” Rear Adm. Espejo said. In this respect, Mexico is a very important country in the fight against drug trafficking. Large amounts of drugs leave countries such as Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia, and pass through Mexico before arriving at their final destination in the United States. That is why it was timely to have a Mexican ship in the operation. Mexican participation “At this time every year, cadets from the Mexican Naval Academy set out on various Navy ships,” Mexican Navy Rear Admiral Cecilio Olvera Malagón, the naval attaché in Colombia, told Diálogo. “They conduct instructional cruises that allow the cadets to train and practice what they learned in the classroom.” That is how the presence of the ARM Zapoteco in Colombian waters was leveraged to carry out one phase of the operation. “The ships have different flags, but they have to be sure of their ability to operate via mutual agreement under the coordination of a defined command,” Rear Adm. Espejo told Diálogo. “To be safe operating at sea, we need a common language.” “Initially, the training trip aboard the ARM Zapoteco included just a formal visit to Málaga Naval Base,” Rear Adm. Olvera added. “However, through Rear Adm. Espejo’s initiative, it was proposed that we conduct exercises at the end of the visit.” The crew of the ARM Zapoteco comprises 217 members, among them, 190 cadets. “It was very enriching for the cadets to have this opportunity to take part in exercises held on ships belonging to the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet,” Rear Adm. Olvera noted. Common interests Operation Pacífico will continue to be held annually. That is why there are plans to boost the results of the exercises already held with Ecuador and Panama, nations with which Colombia shares land and sea borders that are patrolled by the Colombian Navy’s Pacific Fleet, whose jurisdiction covers 1,320 kilometers of coastline and 339,500 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean. Together with other nations that make up the Pacific Rim, Colombia is doing its part for the common interests of the region. “As a nation, we make up part of the Pacific Rim. Everything aimed at strengthening our relations and our capacities to work together at sea guarantees and preserves a key activity for our nations, such as international commerce with secure lines of communication, which is one of the responsibilities of navies throughout the world,” Rear Adm. Espejo concluded.last_img read more

  • Ross Park Zoo asking the community for help

    first_imgBINGHAMTON (WBNG) — With the Ross Park Zoo closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff are asking for your help to make sure the more than 170 animals at the zoo continue to receive the care they need. If you’d like to donate to the zoo’s emergency fund, you can do so by clicking here. Peppard says the zoo is also partnering with Marilu’s Catering to offer a Mother’s Day Meal Deal featuring a chicken parmesan dinner and a free admission pass for when the zoo reopens. You can sign up for a meal by clicking here. Staff says revenue generated by visitors coming through the gates purchasing souvenirs and taking classes is what pays for animal care at the zoo. Without any of that money coming in, the zoo has set up an emergency fund to help provide for the more than 100 animals that call the zoo home. “Without the support of our community we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We are a part of over twenty species survival plans, so those include endangered animals from all over the world,” said Rachel Peppard, Visitor and Member Services Manager for the Ross Park Zoo.last_img read more

  • Arsenal vs Valencia team news: Mesut Ozil returns as Unai Emery makes four changes

    first_img Comment Advertisement Arsenal vs Valencia team news: Mesut Ozil returns as Unai Emery makes four changes Advertisement Sean KearnsThursday 2 May 2019 6:50 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link156Shares Arsenal are through to the Europa League semi-finals for the second consecutive season after being knocked out by eventual winners Atletico Madrid.AdvertisementAdvertisementEmery has won the competition on three previous occasions and managed tonight’s opponents between 2008 and 2012.Arsenal team to face Valencia: Cech; Sokratis, Koscielny, Mustafi; Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Kolasinac; Ozil; Lacazette, Aubameyang Mesut Ozil starts (Picture: Getty)Mesut Ozil has returned to Arsenal’s starting line-up in one of four changes for tonight’s Europa League semi-final clash against Valencia.The German missed Sunday’s 3-0 defeat to Leicester City with a back injury but passed a late fitness test to start against the La Liga side.Petr Cech has kept his place as Arsenal’s Europa League goalkeeper, while Laurent Koscielny has returned after starting as as substitute against the Foxes.In midfield, Mateo Guendouzi replaces Lucas Torreira with Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang keeping their spots in attack.ADVERTISEMENT🚨 TEAM NEWS❗️Here’s how we line up to face @valenciacf 🗞What are your thoughts on the side Unai Emery has picked? 🤔🏆 #UEL— Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) May 2, 2019last_img read more

  • 2 minors die of electrocution

    first_imgThey were identified as Samson Palma,16, and his cousin Adian Gardoce, 10 – all residents of the village. Police reports showed the incidenthappened around 12:20 p.m. on April 12. The victims were swimming in a river inthe said village when they accidentally touched an exposed live wire, thereport added. ILOILO City – Two minors died after theygot electrocuted in Barangay Aglalana, Passi City. Personnel of the Passi City policestation were still investigating the incident./PNlast_img

  • Reds Season Comes To End; Looking Forward To 2015

    first_imgReds season comes to a close Sunday as the team finishes 76-86, fourth in the NL Central.CINCINNATI, Oh. – The Cincinnati Reds wrapped up the season with a 4-1 victory over the playoff-bound Pittsburgh Pirates Sunday.Johnny Cueto earned the win making him the first Reds pitcher since 1988 to win at least 20 games in one season.The Reds end the 2014 campaign finishing fourth in the NL Central with a 76-86 record.A turbulent season marred by injuries will likely force the front office to make difficult decisions and winter transactions.Nevertheless, it has been a good year for Reds catcher and Brownsburg, Indiana native Tucker Barnhart. The 23-year-old catcher made his Major League Baseball debut April 3.He spent the season going back-and-forth between Cincinnati and the minors.We spoke with Barnhart as he ended his first MLB season with a .185 batting average.“It has been such as whirlwind year that I really haven’t got to sit down, think, and look back and reflect on it. It’s been up and down and when I am here, I am here to hopefully help the team win.”Reds catcher Tucker Barnhart made his major league debut this season.“I know when I get home I will sit back and be like ‘Man that was pretty cool.’ For the offseason, I don’t know if I will change anything but playing a month later in the calendar year might alter it a little bit. I am just looking forward to getting back into it and getting ready for spring.”The Redlegs will open the 2015 season at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates April 6.The 86th MLB All-Star Game will be played in Cincinnati July 15. Due to demand, those looking to purchase tickets to the mid-summer classic will have to buy Reds season tickets.Postseason baseball begins Tuesday as AL foes Oakland Athletics and Kansas City Royals square off in a one-game playoff to determine who will play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the next round.The Pittsburgh Pirates will host the San Francisco Giants Wednesday with the winner advancing to face the Washington Nationals.On Thursday, the Detroit Tigers begin a series against the Baltimore Orioles, and the St. Louis Cardinals begin the postseason against the Los Angeles Dodgers Friday.If World Series Game 7 is needed, it will be played a month from Monday.Do you have a team you’re rooting for this postseason? Tell us on Facebook!last_img read more

  • Cardinals Battle Warriors On The Links

    first_imgThe St Louis Golf team played in their 2nd match of the week co-hosting with St Mary’s at North Branch. Both teams turned in their best rounds of the year with St Mary’s beating out St Louis 182 to 209.Scoring for the Cardinals were Jackson Wanstrath, Adam Voglesang, Cody Mohr, and Cayden Pohlman.The Cardinals next match is Wednesday, May 9th at Cricket Ridge against Batesville and North Decatur.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Streatorlast_img