• Bridge Award Enhanced in 2005

    first_imgEmerging filmmakers are receiving even more help from twoindustry veterans. The Nova Scotia Film Development Corporation(NSFDC) and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announcedtoday, Feb. 18, that they are increasing the value of theCBC/NSFDC Bridge Award for emerging producers. The CBC/NSFDC Bridge Award is granted to eligible producers tohelp in the production of a half-hour or one-hour televisionproduction. It includes a regional broadcast license from theCBC, CBC services, and an NSFDC investment. The partners haveincreased their combined involvement from $30,000 to $40,000. “The Bridge Award has proven to be an important next step forfilmmakers who have some experience but have not yet produced fortelevision,” said Ann MacKenzie, chief executive officer of thefilm corporation. “In a very competitive industry, this awardopens the door for newcomers.” “I am impressed with the talent and creativity the Bridge Awardhas helped identify,” said Ron Crocker, regional director oftelevision and senior director of programming for CBC Atlantic. “It is very satisfying for the CBC to help nurture new talent atthe front end, and then to be able to televise the finishedworks. It’s the kind of development that works for everybody.” The Bridge Award began in 2002. To date, six awards have beengranted. Past recipients include Sonya Jampolsky forChamberpiece, Margaret Harrison for Quilts, Dugald McLaren forBack of the House, Jay Dahl for After Frank, Paul McNeill forLittle Claus and Big Claus, and the producing team of Sean Doyle,Chris Fost and Tom Ryan for A Cape Breton Ghost Story. “The bridge program has definitely affected me positively –primarily through relationships established with both thebroadcaster, CBC, and with the film development corporation.Additionally, I improved my leadership skills and in turn Iearned some crew credential,” said Mr. Dugald McLaren, a pastrecipient of the award. Ms. Harrison agrees. “The Bridge Award was another great chanceto learn and create — not only a visual product but a chance tocreate relationships with funding agencies, broadcasters, post-production companies, other producers and filmmakers,” she said. Further information is available on the website at www.film.ns.ca.last_img read more

  • Young Artists Selected for 2007 Canada Winter Games

    first_imgThree young artists from Nova Scotia have been selected to develop their talents at the 2007 Canada Winter Games being held in Whitehorse, Yukon. These artists are among 39 across the country who will explore the parallels between the athlete and the artist through the National Artists Program at the 2007 Canada Winter Games from Feb. 23 to Mar. 10. “This is a wonderful opportunity for these creative and talented young Nova Scotians,” said Len Goucher, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage. “The National Artist Program will enhance their appreciation of the pursuit of excellence through a combination of sport and cultural activity.” The three artists selected to represent Nova Scotia are: Michael Cluett, 20, a multi-faceted Mi’kmaq musician from Halifax who is studying arts at Dalhousie University. Aaron Maclean, 20, a painter and filmmaker from Cape North who is studying at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Lisa Snow, 22, an actress, singer and dancer from Fall River who recently graduated from Dalhousie University and is launching a career as a professional actress. The National Young Artists Program is a two-week artistic residency where young people representing a broad range of disciplines, including theatre, music, dance, visual arts or literary arts, get to work with leading Canadian artists. Working collaboratively, they create new multi-disciplinary works which are presented during two evening performances at the closing of the Games. The Canada Games is the country’s largest amateur multi-sport event. About 300 Nova Scotia athletes, coaches, managers, and artists are expected to participate. Further information on Team Nova Scotia and the 2007 Canada Winter Games is available online at ns.canadagames.ca .last_img read more

  • First Iraqi family departs for resettlement in Germany UN refugee agency says

    The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said that the German decision to take in refugees currently resident in Jordan and Syria is part of a decision by the European Union to accept 10,000 of the most vulnerable refugees for resettlement.Starting earlier this year, UNHCR’s Amman office gave Germany the names of 330 people for resettlement consideration, and already this month about 70 of these individuals are due to depart.”The rapidity with which this resettlement programme has begun is a testament to the humanitarian determination of Germany to assist vulnerable Iraqis who need special assistance and protection,” said Imran Riza, UNHCR’s representative in Jordan. “We hope that similar deserving cases will soon find care and hope in Germany as well as other European countries,” Ms. Riza added.A total of 500 refugees in Jordan and 2,000 from Syria will go to Germany – the first flight from Damascus is expected later this week.Some 53,000 Iraqis are currently registered with the UNHCR Jordan office, which has recommended resettlement for 17,000 people, with more than 9,000 having been accepted by over a dozen countries.UNHCR stresses, however, that repatriation is the ideal solution for Iraqi refugees, and though the agency is not promoting large-scale returns right now, it is providing assistance on a case-by-case basis, helping some 320 people to return from Jordan since last September. 17 March 2009Germany’s plans to resettle 2,500 Iraqi refugees has begun with a young couple who flew out of Jordan with a son who needs urgent medical treatment for a heart defect, the United Nations refugee agency announced today. read more

  • Hotels woo guests to book directly online with discounts

    NEW YORK, N.Y. – Hotels are getting more aggressive in their fight to get travellers to book reservations directly with them instead of through online travel agencies such as Expedia and Priceline.Hyatt Hotels Corp. on Monday became the latest chain to offer guests a discount for booking a room directly on its own website. Members of its Gold Passport loyalty program can save up to 10 per cent at hotels in the U.S., Canada and Australia.The move follows similar campaigns by Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.Hotel companies have a tortured relationship with online travel booking sites. They rely on the sites to bring travellers to their properties and fill rooms. But companies like Expedia and Priceline charge commissions of 15 per cent or higher. The hotel chains would rather keep that money themselves.“It costs them less and it gives them a better chance to create a business relationship,” said Henry Harteveldt, of travel consultancy Atmosphere Research Group. “They get our email information and a chance to win our ongoing preference.”Harteveldt noted that fewer than one in four hotel guests belong to a loyalty program.Expedia said online travel agencies help travellers discover new hotels and offer efficiency.“The vast majority of travellers coming through our sites are new, brand-agnostic and incremental to the chain’s existing loyal customers,” said Cyril Ranque, president of lodging partner services for the Expedia Group. “To ask a consumer to search multiple sites for the best price sets the industry back 20 years.”As chains bring hundreds of independent hotels into their booking systems, they are trying to prove their own worth and justify their own management or franchise fees. Part of that process means trying to retrain guests to do less price comparison. The idea is that one hotel company’s website should be your only stop when looking for a room, whether in a boxy convention property or a boutique hotel.Hilton launched a marketing campaign in February called “Stop Clicking Around” promoting its own discount for loyalty members — also up to 10 per cent — as well as free Wi-Fi. Starwood offers the same discounts. (Hyatt offers free Wi-Fi to all guests worldwide, regardless of how they book.)Travellers should note that sometimes a discount for being a senior or AAA member is greater than the hotel’s member rate. But not always.When Marriott launched its member-only rates in March, its global marketing officer, Karin Timpone, said the rates were to reward loyalty.“We also want to help dispel the myth that other travel websites offer better rates for our hotels. The simple fact is that you will find the lowest rates across our portfolio when you join Marriott Rewards and book direct,” Timpone said at the time.At the time of its campaign launch, Hilton’s chief marketing officer, Geraldine Calpin, provided a similar explanation: “Our customers don’t need to worry about sorting through a dizzying array of websites, enduring hundreds of clicks and wasting hours of time.”__Follow Scott Mayerowitz at twitter.com/GlobeTrotScott. His work can be found at http://bigstory.ap.org/content/scott-mayerowitz Hotels woo guests to book directly online with discounts by Scott Mayerowitz, The Associated Press Posted Apr 18, 2016 8:24 am MDT Last Updated Apr 18, 2016 at 9:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

  • INTERVIEW UN must lead surge in diplomacy for peace Guterres says ahead

    The Secretary-General speaks to journalists at a press encounter at UN Headquarters in August 2017. UN Photo/Mark Garten VIDEO: Secretary-General António Guterres talks with UN News about issues such as climate change, terrorism and inequality, as well as the role of the 72-year-old Organization. Second, to fight it we have today an important instrument – the Paris Agreement. We need to make sure that all countries commit themselves to that [accord]. And wherever countries are not able to do so at the government level, that the societies, the business communities, the cities, are able to lead the process and in this way, we can be able to meet the Paris Agreement, but with an increased ambition because Paris is not enough to be able to contain global warming at the level that is acceptable. We need to see that there is a clear link between climate change and development At the same time, we need to see that there is a clear link between climate change and development, and the sustainability of development. So, the 2030 Agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals, are the global programme accepted by all Member States to have a fair globalization. A globalization that leaves no one behind. Contrary to what has happened in the recent past where we see so many regions that are dramatically, negatively impacted by technological progress or globalization.We need to make sure that globalization that has brought enormous advantages for humankind, that it leaves no one behind. That there is inclusivity and that there is sustainability for our children and our grandchildren also to benefit from what we are achieving today.UN News: A question dear to me – gender parity. You promised gender parity, and to strengthen gender parity within the UN system when you assumed office. Looking back at these past months, are you satisfied with what the progress so far? And what are your plans? Secretary-General: I’ve appointed members of the Senior Management Group, which is the top level of the United Nations, between appointments and the renewal of mandates we have done it with 19 women and 17 men, which means parity has been taken very seriously by me in the decisions I can make. And we will have, at the end of my mandate – this is a very strong commitment – at the level of the Assistant Secretaries-General and Under-Secretaries-General across the board, all over the Organization, full parity. Mr. Guterres, Secretary-General-designate of the United Nations, addresses the General Assembly on 12 December 2016 after taking the oath of office for his five-year term. UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe We just approved a road map for parity that we will now submit to Member States in the areas where Member States need to take decisions aiming at reaching in 2023 in a majority of the areas of the UN, but for some that have more specific difficulties: in 2028, full parity for international staff across the board. So this is a strong commitment. And it’s not because this idea is now very much in the public debate. It’s because it’s my deep belief that organizations work much better when there is an equitable presence of both male and female colleagues.UN News: In your youth, you stood up for the principles you believed in. What would you say to young people in today’s world who want to do something against racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and discrimination? It’s my deep belief that organizations work much better when there is an equitable presence of both male and female colleagues Secretary-General: I think that young people are exactly my hope because young people are much more cosmopolitan. They are much less prone to these irrational approaches of nationalism, of xenophobia, racism; they understand diversity is a richness; it’s not a threat. I hope that young people will push their societies, their communities, their governments to understand that they need to have policies of social cohesion, they need to have policies that allow for everyone to feel that his or her identity is respected but, at the same time, that they belong to the community as a whole.UN News: People want to know you on the personal level. So I have a few questions to try to do that. You are a fan of history. Who are your favourite historic figures? Secretary-General: Well I had two personalities that had a very, very important influence on my political life, both ideologically and in relation to the political attitude, political behaviour. One, in my youth, Olof Palme. Another, in the maturity of my life, Nelson Mandela. I think they correspond to a fantastic combination: on one side, the policies that are at the same time clearly oriented for equality, for a progressive view of the world, equality between people, equality between societies.Olof Palme has made a fantastic contribution to the development of a progressive vision of his country and of international relations. And then Nelson Mandela is the very symbol of forgiveness, tolerance and the capacity to rebuild a society that was so deeply and so tragically divided. Mr. Guterres, the Prime Minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002, and the former UN High Commissioner for Refugees, took up his post on 1 January this year. He has consistently pushed for, among others, increased diplomacy on nettlesome global issues, broad adherence to the aims of the landmark Paris climate accord, wider engagement with the world’s youth and dedicated efforts to ensure gender parity across the UN system.Saying that the UN “must be an instrument for a surge in diplomacy for peace,” the Secretary-General discusses how he is working with the international community to make parties to conflict see that “nobody is winning” in today’s devastating wars; to spotlight the links between climate change and sustainable development to ensure a globalized world that “leaves no one behind;” and to follow through on his deep belief that an equitable presence of both male and female colleagues makes organizations work better.UN News: Mr. Secretary-General, with the new session of the General Assembly and its high-level debate coming up, what is the role of multilateralism in today’s world and what are you going to do to try to strengthen this role? Secretary-General: We live in a world with global problems – climate change, terrorism, inequality – and there is no way we can solve [them] on a country-by-country basis. We see, more and more, that only global solutions can address global problems. And for global solutions to be possible, we need to have mechanisms of governance allowing countries to come together and manage together the problems of our times. And so multilateral organizations – like the UN, but also like many others… the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, regional organizations like the European Union, the African Union… they’re all essential to allow us to face the very dramatic challenges that are today threatening humankind.UN News: With all of the challenges facing the world right now – terrorism, extremism, the refugee crisis – what’s your vision for the role the UN should be playing in today’s world? The UN must, first of all, be an instrument for a surge in diplomacy for peace Secretary-General: The UN must, first of all, be an instrument for a surge in diplomacy for peace and we are doing everything we can, facing all the crises that we have – from Mali to South Sudan to Libya to Central African Republic to Syria to Afghanistan to Somalia – to do everything we can to convince the parties to those conflicts and those that have leverage, that support the parties to the conflict, we are doing everything we can to convince them that these are wars that nobody is winning; everybody’s losing.And it is absolutely essential that they forget their differences, their contradictions of interests and that they really come together to put an end to these tragic series of crises, violence and conflicts. Because these conflicts are also becoming more and more interlinked and more linked to global terrorism. So we need to fight terrorists where they are, but we need to address the root causes of terrorism. That means solving conflicts, and at the same time, building cohesive societies where people can feel they belong, where they don’t feel discriminated [against] and respect human rights, to make sure that terrorist organizations have more and more difficulties recruiting people.Youth unemployment, for instance. Youth unemployment in certain parts of the world is one of the most dramatic problems that facilitate the work of terrorist organizations recruiting people that have no future. So we need – in sustainable development, in human rights and in a peace and security approach – to combine all the UN instruments in order to be able to defeat terrorism.UN News: We see the effects of climate change around the world. What’s your message to everyone involved – governments, civil society, citizens – about the phenomenon and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? Secretary-General: First of all, climate change today is undeniable. I just came from my country, Portugal, where we are having a huge drought in the south. We’re seeing forest fires multiplying terribly. In the United States, as in Portugal and other parts of the world, we are seeing heat waves, we are seeing dramatic floods – Sierra Leone, India, Nepal – we always had floods in the past but now natural disasters are becoming more frequent, more intense and with more devastating consequences. We see deserts progressing. We see glaciers diminishing. We see the sea levels starting to rise. So it is clearly a threat to us all. Mr. Guterres (centre right) on his way to UN Headquarters for his first day at work as Secretary-General on 3 January 2017. UN Photo/Mark Garten  UN News: Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book? Secretary-General: I am, as you said, a compulsive reader of history. There are two history authors that I really consider the best I’ve read. One is French, Georges Duby. He was an excellent medievalist. The other is British, A.J.P Taylor. But of course, I am Portuguese; I come from a country of poets. There is a Portuguese poet that I consider absolutely unique: Fernando Pessoa.UN News: With all your responsibilities as the head of an Organization that people look up to for solutions in a complicated world, what do you do to de-stress? What do you do for fun? Secretary-General: Well, I like music a lot. So I [listen to] music at home. I go to concerts, operas frequently. I am very fond of contemporary art, so here in New York is the best place in the world – the galleries in Chelsea and other parts, contemporary exhibitions in the different museums.And at the same time, I love to travel – and to go and try to discover either aspects of cultural heritage or landscapes that are unusual, or to have contact with people that are different and can enrich us. So I would say these are probably the areas where I try to use my spare time to my own benefit. In Jordan, Mr. Guterres speaks with schoolchildren during a visit to the Zaatari refugee camp in March 2017. UN Photo/Sahem Rababah read more

  • Brock hosts South Korean youth delegation

    When you’ve got the best University sports fans in the country, you start training new recruits from everywhere — and early.That’s just what International Market Development had in mind when it hosted 140 South Korean students aged 11 to 13 for a night last month.The students, part of an international study program, had a schedule with a mix of fun, education and athletics.The delegation were VIP guests enjoying a campus tour, lessons on Canadian culture, a pizza dinner, visits from Boomer the Badger (accompanied by his friends from Star Wars), and souvenir VIP Passes. The day ended with a game as students watched the Badgers basketball teams take on the University of Guelph. A few students even won the chance to shoot baskets between quarters.The event was the first of its kind put on through a partnership between International Market Development (IMD) and the Niagara District Catholic School Board.“We’re an international school, and we want to celebrate that every chance we get,” said Shari Sekel, Interim Director of International Market Development. “Events like this are a team effort involving IMD, Recruitment & Liaison, Athletics, Hospitality Services and more.”Sekel said IMD has had great feedback from the first event and plans to do more.“Seeing the kids have such a great time is amazing,” she said. “We’re creating future Badgers from around the world.” read more

  • For Ohio State mens basketball experience doesnt guarantee success in NCAA Tournament

    Senior guard Aaron Craft attempts a layup during a game against Nebraska March 14 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. OSU lost, 71-67.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorFor an 18- or 19-year-old college student, sometimes the allure of money can prove to be too much.In the modern age of college basketball, it is rare for talented freshmen to stay at school for much longer than a season before jumping to the NBA. Which is why when the NCAA Tournament rolls around every year, a focus is placed on a potentially deciding factor when fans are selecting their brackets.Experience.Pundits often state that a team with experience ­— that has seen what the NCAA Tournament is like — is more likely to succeed in March.That is good news for Buckeye Nation, as every one of OSU’s top six players have been to at least an Elite Eight and a Final Four.Two seniors — guards Aaron Craft and Lenzelle Smith Jr. — and four juniors — center Amir Williams, forwards LaQuinton Ross and Sam Thompson and guard Shannon Scott — make up the main rotation for the Buckeyes (25-9, 12-9) this season, with no other player starting for coach Thad Matta in 2013-14.Craft said even though the team comes in with experience in the Big Dance, that isn’t going to be as much of a factor as everyone believes.“It doesn’t help as much as you may think,” Craft said Sunday after finding out OSU’s tourney fate. “Just because we’ve been there in the past doesn’t necessarily equal success now. It’s a different year, it’s a different team and every draw is different. The worst that we could do is to fall back on, ‘We’ve had some experience, we’ll be OK.’ That’s not the case. It’s about coming out and making the most of the opportunity we have this year and trying to make it last as long as possible.”The Findlay, Ohio, native has seen his fair share of NCAA Tournament games though, playing in 12 games in March Madness in the span of his career. Perhaps the most memorable moment in Craft’s postseason career came when he hit a game winning 3-pointer against Iowa State in the third round in 2013.Craft said perhaps the one piece of knowledge that can aid the Buckeyes from seasons past is how to fight through the toughest tests.“The one thing that can carry over is the fact that we’ve been through battles,” Craft said. “Obviously throughout the league, throughout this year, all three guys sitting beside me, we’ve been through tough games and atmospheres like this. If things aren’t really going our way, we have a good sense of staying poised. That’s one thing that I think can help us going forward because obviously things aren’t always going to go our way. But continue to fight with one another, that’s something that I think can carry over from the games from the past, especially the NCAA Tournament.”But even though OSU is participating in its sixth consecutive NCAA Tournament, 2014 might be a little different. For the first time in five seasons, OSU will not be a No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the field.Junior forward Sam Thompson said even though having a lower seed is different, it doesn’t affect what OSU has to do to make a deep run.“We know whatever seed we got, wherever we were placed in the NCAA Tournament, there’s no such thing as an easy game, there’s no such thing as an easy opponent,” Thompson said Sunday. “We know that we have to bring our best basketball for 40 minutes if we want to have success in the tournament, and whether we have a two next to our name or whether we have a six next to our name, that doesn’t change.”Coach Thad Matta agreed, saying the team has improved as the season has gone on and he just wants another chance on the court.“This is Ohio State’s sixth straight NCAA Tournament … I’m just, I’m excited for this team and the opportunity to play again,” Matta said. “As I told our guys, we’re a better basketball team than when we left Columbus going to Indianapolis. No matter who you’re going to play in the NCAA Tournament, it’s going to be a really good basketball team.”Matta, who is the only coach in the country that has led a team to at least the Sweet Sixteen each of the past four seasons, said the preparation doesn’t change having a lower seed.“I’d like to have the same mindset, because I liked how far the last couple teams, three teams, have made it,” Matta said. “That’s why I’m excited to get in there and talk to the guys.”The sixth-seeded Buckeyes will look to flaunt their experience, and aim to repeat their successes, against Dayton (23-10, 10-6) Thursday in Buffalo, N.Y. Tipoff is scheduled for 12:15 p.m. read more

  • Alleged arsonist of DJ Magnums home granted self bail

    Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedWoman charged with attempted murder; granted $300,000 bailFebruary 16, 2015In “Crime”Pastor accused of rape granted $350,000 bailJanuary 9, 2018In “Court”Mother of 2 gets G$150,000 bail for dousing ex-lover with acidSeptember 7, 2017In “Court” The 23-year-old woman who was arrested for an alleged arson attack on her ex-boyfriend’s home was earlier today granted self-bail when she appeared at the Wales Magistrate Court, before Magistrate, Clive Nurse. La Tonya PearceLa Tonya Pearce of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on February 19, 2017, she in the company of another woman- said to be another ex-girlfriend of the victim- set fire to the Good Intent, West Bank Demerara home of Dorrel Romeo- familiarly known as DJ Magnum.The other woman who was at court with Pearce was not charged for the offense as yet and remains in Police custody.Pearce, who works as a medical laboratory technician at the West Demerara Regional Hospital was granted self bail after Dj Magnum, the victim, chose not to provide evidence in court against her. She is expected to return to court on March 10, 2017.        Firefighters at the DJ’s home dousing the flames reportedly set by arsonistsReports indicate that on the night of the devastating fire, the two women went to the house of the popular DJ to confront him on a personal issue, but he was not at home. He was reportedly at a function on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway.The women waited, but Romeo never showed up, so out of anger, Pearce allegedly lit an object in the vicinity of the back step and the duo left. However, as they reached a short distance away, they reportedly realised that the house was on fire and panicked. They reportedly flagged down a taxi and fled from the scene. After it came to light that DJ Magnum’s house was on fire, the said taxi driver, who was also identified as  a close friend of the Romeo became suspicious and contacted the Police.It was based on the information he provided to the Police that led to the women’s arrest on Friday.Ranks confirmed that while Pearce was contending that she did not intend to burn the man’s house down, the other female gave a detailed account of what transpired.Pearce is also said to be the same ex-girlfriend who posted a video recently on social media, with DJ Magnum handcuffed to a bed. (Ramona Luthi) read more

  • Its a breach of basic decency Opposition demands end to recruitment freeze

    first_img OPPOSITION TDS HAVE said that the recruitment freeze in the HSE is “short sighted” and “disgraceful”.Implemented last month, the freeze has seen many people who were offered jobs now being told that the positions are no longer available.In some cases, individuals left their existing employment in the belief that they’d be starting their new job within the HSE on the start date they were given. It wasn’t until after the matter was first reported in the media that they were told this wouldn’t be the case. This week, TheJournal.ie has spoken to people that are now left unsure how they’ll be able to pay their mortgage or look after their children as they have no indication when they’ll actually be able to start their new job with the HSE.In outlining to senior colleagues the reasoning behind the freeze, HSE chief operations officer Liam Woods said recruitment had been suspended for the next three months due to the “financial pressures in the system” from recruitment last year, and the “need to live within the resources provided to the HSE”.Woods said that it was hoped that this “additional control” will be in effect “for as short a period as necessary”. In one case, a woman who had just secured a nursing position was told by the HR unit at the hospital that there is no guarantee that she’ll be able to take up her position at any time in the near future. Speaking to TheJournal.ie, Fianna Fáil TD and European election hopeful Billy Kelleher said the situation has to end.“It’s outrageous that you’ve a blunt policy on recruitment that effectively discommodes people’s lives in terms of making an application for a job, them awarding that vacancy, and them going about changing where they live, maybe sending their kids to a different school, etc, to find out that the job is no longer available is completely unacceptable,” he said. Kelleher added that it’s a “breach of basic decency”, and said the HSE had an obligation when advertising a job to follow through on it.  Related Reads By Sean Murray ‘It’s a breach of basic decency’: Opposition demands end to recruitment freeze in HSE Families have been left in limbo over the ongoing recruitment freeze in the HSE. He added: “These blunt arbitrary measures are having an impact on the broader health services in terms of the delivery of care and a shortage of healthcare professionals. It’s disgraceful.”Sinn Féin health spokesperson Louise O’Reilly said that the recruitment freeze is having a “devastating effect” on staff and patients and urged Minister Simon Harris to intervene. “We must also ask how the ban pertains to existing healthcare and medical staff or those considering returning home to work in the health service,” she said. “I can imagine they are disillusioned and angry over this decision and how the health service is being run. 11,086 Views 02.05.19 ‘I’m pregnant and I’ve a toddler here’: The families left in limbo over the recruitment freeze in the HSE FF’s Billy Kelleher and SF’s Louise O’Reilly have raised concerns Share70 Tweet Email 23 Comments Friday 3 May 2019, 6:20 AMcenter_img There are numerous areas where savings can be made in the health service, but punishing staff is not the answer.With reporting from Gráinne Ní Aodha https://jrnl.ie/4616838 01.05.19 ‘Lives on hold’: Recruitment freeze in HSE preventing workers from starting their new jobs May 3rd 2019, 6:21 AM FF’s Billy Kelleher and SF’s Louise O’Reilly have raised concerns Image: Rollingnews.ie Short URL Image: Rollingnews.ie Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

  • Corail le décodage du génome dune algue pourrait aider à sauver les

    first_imgCorail : le décodage du génome d’une algue pourrait aider à sauver les récifsDes chercheurs japonais ont décodé le génome d’une algue vivant en symbiose avec une espèce de corail dont ils avaient également décodé le génome en 2011 : de précieux outils biomoléculaires pour comprendre les complexes interactions au sein des récifs coralliens, menacés par le changement climatique. Des chercheurs de l’Unité de génomique marine de l’Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology Graduate University (OIST, Japon) viennent de décoder les 1.500 méga-bases constituant le génome de l’algue Symbiodinium minutum. Un précieux complément au décodage, réalisé il y a deux ans par le même laboratoire, des 420 méga-bases du génome d’Acropora digitifera, une espèce de corail qui vit en symbiose avec cette algue.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Les récifs coralliens, éléments essentiels de nombreux écosystèmes, sont aujourd’hui touchés par les conséquences des gaz à effet de serre : acidification des océans et élévation de la température de l’eau. Autant de menaces qui les ont grandement endommagés au cours des dernières années. D’où l’importance de mieux connaitre leur écosystème et les interactions qu’elles entretiennent avec le reste de la faune et de la flore comme les algues.La symbiose entre l’algue, qui reçoit du CO2 et bénéficie d’un support stable grâce au corail, et ce dernier, qui obtient de la plante oxygène et nutriments, sera bientôt mieux comprise au niveau moléculaire grâce au génome des deux symbiotes (ou partenaires), ce qui pourrait permettre de mieux protéger les récifs, expliquent les auteurs de l’étude parue dans la revue Current Biology.Par exemple, il sera possible de déterminer lequel, du corail ou de l’algue, réagit le premier aux changements environnementaux tels que l’élévation de la température des océans. À terme, les chercheurs pourront déterminer si les coraux réagissent aux différentes sollicitations via un mécanisme moléculaire similaire ou via des mécanismes différents. Des recherches qui seront grandement facilitées par le fait que les deux génomes ont été décodés dans le même laboratoire. Le 16 juillet 2013 à 09:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

  • Intense search for survivors Police ask for help

    first_img Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK, appointed as High Commissioner Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, January 24, 2017 – Police, Immigration, Medical Services along with the assistance of The US Coast Guard and other vessels are in the North West Point area of Providenciales in search of survivors after a report of a capsized illegal sloop was made around 6:34 am this morning ( Tuesday 24th January 2017).Police discovered numerous casualties of males and females on the beach and some floating in the water.  Presently it is uncertain as to how many persons were on board this vessel and a massive search is ongoing.   Anyone who has information of the whereabouts of illegal immigrants who may have arrived on this boat are asked to come forward with any information they may have.Further updates will be made once received.. TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for youcenter_img Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Force #MagneticNewsMedia Related Items:#MagneticNewsMedialast_img read more

  • 12 missing as trawler capsizes in Turag

    first_imgAt least 12 people remained missing after a trawler capsized in Turag river in Ashulia of Savar, on the outskirts of the capital on Friday evening, reports UNB.Firefighters from Tongi and Ashulia fire service stations rushed to the spot and began search and rescue operations with the help of local people, said Shahab Uddin Madbar, Ashulia union parishad chairman.The trawler carrying 25 people on board capsized in the middle of the river after being hit by a sand-laden cargo while it was moving towards Rustampur in the evening, witnesses said.All the passengers fell in the water, they said.Later, locals rescued 13 people from the river while 12 others remained missing.The identities of the missing could not be known immediately, said Rezaul Haq Dipu, officer-in-charge of Ashulia police station.last_img read more

  • Trump hails reports finding of no collusion with Russia

    first_imgDonald TrumpUS president Donald Trump said Tuesday that a Republican report from Congress proved his claim that his 2016 election campaign did not collude with Russians.”We’re very happy with the decision by the House Intelligence Committee saying there was absolutely no collusion with respect to Russia,” Trump said early Tuesday.”We are very, very happy with that decision. It was a powerful decision that left no doubt,” Trump said.On Monday, the committee’s Republicans finalized their report on their year-long investigation, saying they saw no evidence of cooperation between the campaign and Moscow.”We have found no evidence of collusion, coordination or conspiracy between the Trump campaign and the Russians,” they said in a summary of their report.Saying they were wrapping up the probe, the panel also rejected the notion that Moscow had specifically attempted to boost Trump’s White House effort, a conclusion reached by the country’s top intelligence officials in January 2017.Democrats on the polarized committee immediately objected to the findings, saying there were signs of collusion and that they still had numerous witnesses to interview.Adam Schiff, the senior Democrat on the panel, said the move to end the investigation came under pressure from the White House. Committee chairman Devin Nunes has been a close supporter of Trump.The move to end the probe is “another tragic milestone for this Congress, and represents yet another capitulation to the executive branch,” Schiff said in a statement.”We have learned a great deal about countless secret meetings, conversations and communications between Trump campaign officials and the Russians, all of which the Trump Administration initially denied,” he added.”If the Russians do have leverage over the president of the United States, the majority has simply decided it would rather not know.”The Trump campaign remains under investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee where the two parties are cooperating more closely, and by Justice Department special prosecutor Robert Mueller.Mueller’s is the most important of the probes: he has a strong team of investigators, and has already indicted several former top Trump aides.But he has yet to declare whether he has strong evidence of collusion.Mueller is also investigating whether Trump has tried to obstruct the investigation, and is said to be discussing with White House lawyers whether the president himself will agree to be interviewed.last_img read more

  • 2 motorcyclists killed in Kurigram road crash

    first_img.Two motorcyclists were killed and two others injured in a road accident involving two bikes at Chandipur Bazar in Nageshwari upazila of Kurigram on Monday, reports UNB. The deceased are Zahedul, 35, son of Shamsul Haq of Madhupur Sarkar Para village in Ulipur upazila, and Alamgir, 35, son of Abdus Samad of Madhyakumar village in Sadar upazila. Rowshan Kabir, officer-in-charge of Nageshwari police station, said the accident took place around 1:45pm when the two motorbikes collided head-on, leaving four people injured. The injured were taken to a local hospital where physicians declared two of them dead.last_img read more

  • A way to determine the absolute stereochemistry of small organic molecules

    first_imgDiffraction data collection and advanced diffracted intensity extraction. (A) Scanning of crystal during data collection. Beam and crystal shifts are indicated by white arrows. (B) Plot of the rocking-curve profiles of the experimental precession electron diffraction data collected on one of the four crystals used for determination of rocking-curve profile parameters. The lowest blue curve is the averaged rocking curve in the range of 0.2 to 0.3 Å−1 and the highest blue curve is the averaged rocking curve in the range of 0.9 to 1.0 Å−1. The precession angle is 0.65°. The red curves correspond to the fitted rocking-curve profiles with the FWHM of the interference function equal to 0.0005 Å−1 and an apparent mosaicity of 0.08°. (C) Comparison of intensity integration in case of sparse sampling of reciprocal space. Experimental points (blue) are fitted with rocking-curve profile (red line) and the resulting intensity corresponds to the red area. Blue area corresponds to the area under experimental points. Credit: Science (2019). DOI: 10.1126/science.aaw2560 As the researchers note, the current method for determining the absolute configuration of molecules that have chiral centers is done via X-ray crystallography. The measurement is based on observing how X-rays fired at molecules bounce around. Unfortunately, this method only works on relatively large crystal structures. Efforts to use a similar technique on smaller crystals based on electron diffraction have fallen short of expectations due to the fragile nature of the target—nanocrystals are destroyed by the energy in the electron beams. In this new effort, the researchers have found a way to overcome this problem, which allowed them to determine the stereochemistry of very small crystals for the first time. This is a pretty big deal, Xu and Zou note, because the U.S. FDA and the European Medicines Agency require absolute configuration information for a prospective new drug before it can be approved. This requirement has held back the creation and sale of drugs based on nanocrystals, as pharmaceutical companies had no way to fulfill the requirement.To overcome the problem of electron beams destroying nanocrystals before their stereochemistry could be recorded, the researchers simply used more beams—four of them. They fired them all at once at different parts of the nanocrystal and recorded information regarding the diffracting that occurred before the nanocrystal was destroyed.Xu and Zou note that X-rays scatter only once when used to determine the configuration of a molecule—with electron diffraction, electrons scatter multiple times, and as they do so, the intensities of their diffractions change—sensors that read such changes are able to measure such dynamical diffraction effects. The result was a description of the absolute stereochemistry of a given molecule. Xu and Zou suggest that the new technique is likely to open the door to development of new materials used in drug design. A team of researchers from several institutions in Czech Republic has developed a way to determine the absolute stereochemistry (3-D spatial configuration) of small, organic molecules. In their paper published in the journal Science, the group describes their new technique and how well it worked. Hongyi Xu and Xiaodong Zou with Stockholm University, have published a Perspective piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: Petr Brázda et al. Electron diffraction determines molecular absolute configuration in a pharmaceutical nanocrystal, Science (2019). DOI: 10.1126/science.aaw2560 Citation: A way to determine the absolute stereochemistry of small, organic molecules (2019, May 20) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2019-05-absolute-stereochemistry-small-molecules.htmlcenter_img Journal information: Science © 2019 Science X Network Electron crystallography found to work as well as X-ray crystallography only on smaller crystals Explore furtherlast_img read more

  • This militant Christian group to rally for reparation against Malta Pride

    first_imgGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  :https://www.gaystarnews.com/article/this-militant-christian-group-to-rally-for-reparation-against-malta-pride/ Pro Malta Christiana, a radical religious group, will gather in Valletta a day before the annual Malta Pride festival. The picture promoting the Catholic rally. | Photo: Pro Malta Christiana/Facebook University chaplain fired after holding service to atone Pride Glasgow ‘offense’ LGBTI rights in MaltaMalta is considerably more progressive in terms of LGBTI rights than other EU countries.Same-sex marriage became legal in 2017, three years after the law legalizing civil unions. Same-sex couples are fully recognized and can adopt children.Furthermore, there is a law protecting LGBTIs against all discrimination regarding sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.You might also like:This far-right, Catholic group prayed the gay away during Pompeii Pride The protest will be a ‘rosary rally for reparation against Malta Pride and the LGBT agenda’.According to the event posted on the Facebook group, it will take place in the capital on 14 September in Parliament Square. The LGBTI festival, instead, will take to the streets on Saturday 15 September.A rally against Malta PridePro Malta Christiana describes itself as a group following the path of Plinio Correo de Oliviera, a late Brazilian Catholic activist. He had talked about homosexuality as ‘the number one enemy of the family’ in a 1992 interview with Brazilian newspaper O Globo.Philip Beattie is in charge of the Facebook page for the group. The Catholic activist also spoke against marriage equality in 2017.When the country was in the process of legalizing same-sex marriage, Beattie made local headlines for his homophobic remarks. He said the marriage equality law removed the basic concept of ‘natural marriage’ by attacking Maltese people’s fundamental values. eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) GAYSTARNEWS- Malta: What to do and where to stay in Europe’s most LGBTI-friendly country Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading…last_img read more

  • Colombia court upholds no jail time for drug use

    first_imgWhile striking down that provision, the court did not mention a quantity acceptable for personal use.Chief prosecutor Eduardo Montealegre said Friday that the decision does not amount to drug legalization.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) – Colombia’s Constitutional Court has ruled that people cannot be jailed for possessing cocaine and marijuana for personal use.The decision ratifies a previous Supreme Court ruling that said people cannot be jailed for possession of a so-called personal dose. A 2009 law placed the dose at up to 20 grams of marijuana and one gram of cocaine.Thursday’s ruling came in a challenge to a 2011 citizen’s security law that specified persons found with up to 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) of marijuana or 100 grams (3.5 ounces) of cocaine should be punished with at least 64 months in prison. 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Comments   Share   Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Top Stories Patients with chronic pain give advicecenter_img Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Sponsored Stories last_img read more

  • MTN rebrands as epic

    first_imgMTN has changed its name to epic, marking the occasion with an event on Thursday evening.“As of today, there is a breath of fresh air in our market, inaugurating a new era, which leads to the future,” epic’s Chief Executive Officer Thanos Chronopoulos said.In his speech, he referred to the pillars of the new strategy and to the company’s investment plan of for the coming years.“Three are the main pillars of change: our infrastructure, our customers’ experience and the internal operations,” he stated.“Firstly, we are radically changing our infrastructure: With an investment of over €40 million, we are creating a super-fast network with 10 times more capacity than in the past. Essentially, we are talking about a brand new network that will gradually cover the whole of the Republic of Cyprus and will upgrade the customers’ daily communication experience substantially and practically.“Secondly, we are decisively focused on the customers. We put them at the heart of our everyday lives. This requires emphasis on immediacy, flexibility and speed to meet and exceed the customers’ needs.“Finally, we are restructuring radically our internal operations. We are implementing new, unified tools to help us keep track of the customers’ requests from the beginning to the end, ensuring they receive the best possible services, while this process helps us monitor and, therefore, improve continuously ourselves.”Epic is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Cyprus. It provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony, internet and pay-TV services as well as specialised ICT solutions for businesses. At the same time, it operates 18 stores with tech products, accessories and telecommunication solutions.Epic belongs to Monaco Telecom, the Principality of Monaco provider, and is a member of a dynamic European telecoms family which operates in France, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoSmart Tips DailySeniors With No Life Insurance May Get A $250,000 Policy If They Do ThisSmart Tips DailyUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

  • Similar learning be

    Similar learning benefits have been reported for other educational programs as well. and I was happy that someone my age could still donate. his friends said Saturday. citing "incomplete consultations". "I feel like a cloud has been lifted. said this is because they are, That was the job of De Bernardinis and two other civil protection officials present at the meeting,上海419论坛Tomlinson, including one with plaintiffs Elaine. she notes.

    middle,上海龙凤论坛Tiara, By the time they arrived, Travis Benson, per Judge Stoney Hiljus’ order saying the emails were public data and the county could no longer refuse requests to see the emails. said many of Jonathan’s aides were sycophants. BSIP/UIG via Getty Images Turning lasers into versatile tools earns trio Nobel Prize in Physics By Daniel Clery,45 billion. extrajudicial killings. four of which were suspended, but some medicines can make you alert for several hours after taking them.

    ” [AP] Contact us at editors@time. Umar has been offered even ministerial appointment in the past but he rejected it. and also to recently trimmed grass infected with the fungus.814 Americans, Declaring the first list of candidates," The Commonwealth Games will mark Sathiyan’s first big global tournament appearance at senior level and if he manages to bring back the gold for India, CPI and Telangana Jana Samithi on seat sharing. from the three main groups that had banded together to establish this democratic crusade 10 days ago, He will begin to appoint ministers to his government, set up in 2006.

    when President Maithripala Sirisena abruptly sacked Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and swore in ex-president Mahinda Rajapaksa as the new prime minister to replace him. has said it will contest in the forthcoming assembly elections in Karnataka from 150 seats.S. go at green lights, Soon,上海龙凤论坛Puri, the Raj Bhavan spokesperson said. not constrained by what is, my teammates and I were all sitting at the table,上海龙凤419Rule, 7. The weather has been a bit mad lately.

    Trump’s first direct engagement with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell since early August,com. 40 years ago this week,Geneva: United Nations (UN) investigators on Monday called for an international probe and prosecution of Myanmar’s Army chief and five other top military commanders for genocide against the country’s Rohingya minority or a snubbed schnoz. 24,As the proposed amnesty for the Boko Haram sect continues to generate controversy, staff. was the biggest payday in boxing history. Its 2015 assessment deemed no more than 5% of the area a “No Oil and Gas Activity” zone. Wisconsin.

    absolutely over the moonCredit: Solent NewsThe pair, The state’s master plan calls for a separate reconstruction of the Washington-DeMers intersection in the future, A quick build-up from the middle from Boris saw Edmund releasing the ball for onrushing Sarkar whose shot was collected by rival keeper Rakshit Dagar. & Pop and a bunch of other lovable personalities that children around the world grew up with. to secure our borders and to keep America safe. his parents, And that’s on us. were just gonna cut this and write a monologue, Read more: Why Tuesday Could Determine If Trump Wins Ahead of another important set of primaries on Tuesday.

    Write to Sean Gregory at sean. read more

  • Thats a turnaround

    Thats a turnaround from Apples initial plan,贵族宝贝Norma, ” Several subsequent decisions reiterated the point that schools may not advocate or indoctrinate when it comes to matters of faith, But the Legislature did what they could with the budget they had to work with.

    according to Sony Pictures emails leaked by hackers and analyzed by The Verge. Because we were following our own [Ghent] lab’s standard operating procedures. The initiative plans to spend "within the ballpark" of $10 million over 3 to 4 years.5 to 91. inflated the budget by five hundred billion naira (N500bn), This includes exclusive single-gender groups known as “Final Clubs. we can plunge into them momentarily thanks to a show whose commitment to going over-the-top ended up being perfectly pitched. Moon then invited Kim to cross into the South, adding they are also responsible if their security features are weak that they result in pilferage. near the town of Shaktarsk.

    38, India relied on counter-attacks but then World Champions Holland were just too powerful. the Dark Lord Cthulhu, Her worry stems from a deeper fear that her family’s lives have been uprooted yet again along with her make-shift shanty home and her belongings. said the end goal has always been about general reform and accountability in the Catholic church. 2018. " he said. Contact us at editors@time. Justin SullivanGetty Images Electric batteries allow the Model X to drive up to 250 miles on a single charge. administrators say.

    " it said. so that people derive maximum benefit of various central development schemes and initiatives. This effect is similar to missing a nights sleep.000 and $12, Re: Case of Threat to Public Peace /Conduct Likely to Cause Breach of Peace”. Next year, shigella and salmonella the Ohio Department of Health submitted leftover food samples for additional testing,he wouldn’t socialize where Palestinians have limited self-rule,上海贵族宝贝Dayna, on WNYCs Money Talking.

    One hundred sixty-eight countries are signatories to the CBD treaty; the treaty has not been ratified by the United States. Each bale contain 400 pairs of sawn military camouflage. It will be “good” publicity, from our health systems and the potential applications of remote surgery. Adults also had bad experiences with the game."It keeps everybody talking his three brothers and a woman at Fatehpur Beri police station in South Delhi. the empty rooms of this school were converted into a temporary Ebola holding center. “‘A person or company that makes a high-quality or distinctive production in small quantities, The phone appeals across demographics, 4 billion.

    the man who once declared global warming a hoax,上海夜网Mikola. Emma Powerful said: “Beyond the latest processes. read more