Month: September 2017

  • How to optimize advertising to improve PPC ad click rate

    first, and morning tea with a look at the three elements of PPC advertising.


    Call to Action, is that advertisers want to reach the behavior of visitors, such as registration or login, purchase or complete an application etc.. Call to Action is in the form of diversification, including persuasive language. For example, use "Get" instead of "Download", maybe "

    The advantages of the products or services of


    next, let us analyze the three factors.

    usually, no matter the main advertiser is a single product or will play its business as a whole to promote its PPC advertising to highlight its unique style and characteristics, that is, to have personality. These characteristics can be the unique selling proposition, can also be unique to one of the highlights of the product. read more

  • How to use the noble Statistics website data analysis

    , I would like most webmaster, first look at the IP, PV, average browse pages and stay yesterday, let me understand these basic data flow is smooth, with noble baby statistical benefits is to enter the statistics page will see a time trend chart so that you can understand the general trend that is down or up.

    is a direct source of data values, the data by clicking on the bookmark or directly in the browser to enter the URL of the site visitors. This data is that how to access your target users every day to you, how many pages, for how long, how much is the new access, bounce rate is how many have shown you the quality of the website. Direct source search engines with different sources you can adjust your focus through the observation above the corresponding data. For example, the average browse pages is low, so that the work between your page do not, no other links can let visitors interested in. With these data, You’ll see. should focus on the transformation of the places. read more

  • Love Shanghai right down to 70 days to restore love Shanghai ranked first experience

    has always believed that only the sharing of experience is the best experience, is the most can help you experience. Before I introduce so much, of course, not to show off their own good, to tell the truth I do not really want to introduce, here is some of my experiences of the real and useful to everyone, hope can help you solve the problem like me.


    briefly describe my MITSUBISHI air conditioning repair station, right down on this station, you can go to the station to check my snapshot has been stopped in December 20th of last year, up to more than 70 days without moving, no matter what I think middle way has nothing for which to me later simply give up for a period of time, a few days ago I started to pick up for a period of time, it suddenly recovered. You can check my resume after the station, I simply looked at the "MITSUBISHI air-conditioning repair" in the word "love Shanghai home first, Beijing MITSUBISHI air conditioning maintenance in Shanghai" love home second, "MITSUBISHI heavy air conditioning maintenance" in the word "love Shanghai home eighth, Beijing MITSUBISHI air conditioning maintenance." the word love in Shanghai home tenth, there are some words such as "MITSUBISHI" and "Beijing MITSUBISHI air-conditioning" on the home page, some other related long tail words are basically in the first three pages, but mostly in the second page, here is not introduced one by one, interested can check my this station read more

  • The combination of marketing SKYCC sales continue to rise

    recently on SKYCC combination marketing software for micro-blog marketing, the marketing is caused by a micro-blog show posted, micro-blog master then dazzle cars, watches, bags and a series of behavior show off their wealth, by many micro-blog fans, focusing in all eyes, his money is not a problem "then micro-blog throws the reasons to get rich is to use SKYCC combination marketing software to network marketing. To show this hot and controversial issues caused by micro-blog users attention, then let the time users remember the micro-blog SKYCC products, marketing is a success. read more

  • The donkey brother Lu Long Feng growth in Shanghai

    after that I began to understand how the Taobao money off, I add QQ group, go to the forum, blog and so on ways of learning. The final result is the "ideal is good, the reality is cruel". But it is not nothing, at least I learned the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) the word


    , I slowly to the website by K, >


    at this point, I began to * * *, first find a job in the network company, at that time did not know what is the editor, the chain Commissioner position related to the Shanghai dragon. When I started work every day in the forum outside the chain, occasionally to help look at the article, as to why the hair outside the chain and the keywords can on the home page, I also go utterly ignorant of. read more

  • Shanghai dragon optimization talk about the details of the operation stability of keywords ranking

    first, continue to analyze the website user groups to improve the site itself quality. The author of this website before the line to now have been repeated revision, hanging off ads from Taobao single page website before, to hang love Shanghai advertising now, in any way, are built on the basis of analysis of user experience, user groups, specific search behavior needless to say is the study of the users, such as many the user through the search the main keywords of Lantian jade into their site, in order to further enhance the flow and time for the site to increase the value of blood, I also orchestrated a lot of valuable long tail words, writing and taking the opportunity of this station, for example, what is the price of Lantian jade Xi’an Lantian jade? Where to buy? Big wild goose pagoda in Xi’an to sell Lantian jade and so on? As long as the user is looking for all my extensive collection and hunting, because any one industry Understand their own user groups is the basis of our sales links, a website is a truth, the essence of the website is actually marketing, if abruptly to marketing without regard to the user experience, it is not advertising, marketing. So, whether in the update or that website quality of users would like to think what is the most fundamental user optimization of the site operation strategy. read more

  • Shanghai dragon a Regression content

    therefore, when the test of Shanghai to Phoenix, both the content to be scarce, and let the contents of user demand. Purely original for general speaking Shanghai dragon is very difficult. This time how to do? In fact, most of the Shanghai dragon, the original is not the way to win, otherwise it is called Shanghai dragon, but an editor. On the site content, as long as the clever integration of resources will not cause the problem of poor quality content. The key point is to reflect the scarcity of website content is not necessarily the rivalry in text content, reflect the scarcity may have many aspects, such as the structure of the site, the construction of the chain, the chain structure and the beauty of the site and so on, can be reflected in the scarcity of search engine and user level to user behavior on the site can make up for something, such as a website made to look attractive, the title to describe the design well, clear structure is simple, fast and so on. read more

  • The future trend of the 2012 after the Shanghai dragon where

    at the present time, sometimes turn a lot of comprehensive ability will get great improvement is a very good choice, a >

    Shanghai will also become the main dragon brand, after the website optimization, we need more brand as the site itself significance, now in Shanghai love adjustment, we can see too much of the site is down right, and then use the brand to promote their own, bring more traffic this is their own needs, requirements, after all if you have been to do a keyword optimization, rather than the brand, perhaps one day Shanghai is not happy, there is no web search traffic, and brand publicity at least you can avoid this situation on the impact of traffic. read more

  • Think back from the website snapshot

    third, to analyze the causes of stagnation website snapshot. Thestagnation, don’t worry, if long time stagnation and love Shanghai included, we must be vigilant, especially with the ranking disappeared. Of course, here to find the reason, mainly is the site of the problem. Is not because of the content of the original included stagnation is not enough, the quality is not high, then look at the chain have what problem, check your site chain there is no problem, there is no death. Find out the problem immediately resolved, is the hard truth. read more

  • Why website drop right How to restore

    , in the chain of the same appropriate settings, if the chain set is not reasonable, or have a large number of anchor text, and even a lot of little relevance, that will also cause the page right down.



    ? reduce the

    : how to judge the site down the right


    if a site is not the first home page, the inside pages so that page weight is lower, this page ranking keywords participation will be greatly affected.

    : what is the website drop right

    The second part

    ranking good keywords previous suddenly dropped to 30. This will lead to a lot of traffic but there should be no sudden. read more

  • The website is analysis of four main reasons K

    first check the website content. The search engine more and more human, is not the first time K went to the popular forums this scold scolding the sympathy. If this time, why not have a good analysis of their website why is K, is the cause of the K in the end appear? They have not done so that search engine optimization think too much things, such as keyword stuffing, hidden links, link and some other related behavior with edge ball. This is the priority among priorities. All of the reasons are to check out here. When you check out, found no cheating, then congratulations, its cause was the probability of K has dropped to 50%. read more

  • The webmaster should know several Shanghai dragon skills

    in order to increase the weight of the website, make the search engine more included your web site, you must try to send the chain. But must notice a principle that is "patient". Would rather not also not recklessly, don’t put the chain to easily search engine punishment website. So your site easily affected, and the chain for their site is not large. The quality of the higher the weight of the site outside the chain. A high quality of the chain is better than one hundred low quality chain. read more

  • The medical website optimization 5 Tips

    , 5 +

    above is personal opinion, what is wrong, please. Looking forward to know more of the communication with colleagues to study the optimization of related issues, can be interesting Q contact: 94775541, Chen Hao

    execution mentality website articleKeywords giant

    medical website, and many words are more intense competition. The N website is mainly to use the long tail word page ranking, page ranking is also required to have the conditions, site title, description, keywords or key words, the website is able to solve the problem of users (this is very important, related to whether the page can keep long-term, and the whole page ranking) keyword density, do it, if the above are doing very well, has not been a corresponding ranking, then we should not consider doing under the chain of the read more