Month: September 2017

  • The use of integrated marketing to subvert Shanghai Dragon

    2, to provide users with what

    three, the user experience is a top priority in the

    Shanghai dragon is important is not wrong, but the Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, we must be aware of this problem. Even if the Shanghai dragon well optimized website ranking will be made up, but if the "poor or bad user experience and other issues, but also make our Shanghai dragon effect in vain, so the user experience is also very important. I know that a website is not the person responsible for the Shanghai dragon optimization, but the use of various promotion methods embedded in Shanghai Longfeng, site is also very healthy, ranking and traffic are better, so SEP is not a panacea. read more

  • The website domain name will affect Shanghai Longfeng optimization

    3, the domain name was first included in the time of

    we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only send the chain, to the website ranking make up, need a lot of process, so in this process, the website domain name is not play a role?

    2, domain name age

    said the domain name is not strange, especially when enterprises want to flex its muscles in the Internet, the domain name is essential, the content of the website, all the traffic associated with a particular domain name, is one of the most important intangible quality companies. read more

  • dle idle Rise and fall of one of the series of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan careern the field of entreprene

    Sina The boom in

    , Uber, Pinterest, Snapchat and Slack are the most investment earning Unicorn companies. Uber recently completed a $5 billion 600 million G round of financing, accounting for approximately second of the 1/4’s financing in the fourth quarter. Uber’s valuation has reached $61 billion. Snapchat completed $1 billion 800 million in financing and valued at $17 billion 800 million.

    I was in primary school, it is Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, the computer should start at that time, the computer interest group participated in the primary school, the teacher think I have talent, call my parents sent to another major point in a summer camp. At that time, what all don’t understand, now in retrospect, the teacher taught us, whether it is in the primary school, or later participate in the summer camp, is a more than 20 year old girl, you could call it, I’m not by strange, why men dominated the computer industry, my computer teacher, why should is a woman, and are just graduated, it is a miracle, the probability is too small. Remember, I was learning Basic language, I learned the level of later, you can write a game of their own aircraft, do not want to skew, not the man often said, hit the plane, you know. Later it participated in a computer game, I won the two prize in the city of Wuhan, there are also some strange, all the girls actually participated in the computer group, and is particularly serious, unfortunately, most get third-prize, those girls are not convinced, can only say that I have the talent, but they don’t know I am more than they learn a summer vacation. Of course, it has also become an important reason in my college when selecting a professional, as we all know, graduated from high school, entered the University, learned all is professional, although my science but I’m not good, to learn what the Department of mathematics, Department of physics, so professional, other subjects also don’t understand what are the basic computer, somehow primary school days will be good, at least College > read more

  • The actual data show that 360 of search users value than the love of Shanghai

    in Shanghai ranked first you may click can reach more than 20%, on average more than 15% are normal. While the 360 is difficult to do this, because advertising is divided.

    you know the 360 Chinese searching is now the second largest search engine, do Shanghai dragon friends now pay more and more attention to the performance of the 360 search. In fact, this is right, because the use of 360 search basically is white users, white users generally believe that the content of search engine. Two examples for everyone, I was 19 years old when I go on the Internet to find the treatment of rhinitis is. At that time, in particular that search engine that is ranked first official, the search engine is not deceptive, so at that time didn’t want to choose to believe in the past. read more

  • Shanghai dragon er from the 0 to the way of the construction of the chain pass within

    The internal links of low cost, easy to control, as long as the pre planned link structure, can directly link deployment on your website in the chain to deploy early to prepare keyword form, which word links which pages, and by which the page, to make regulations. This is the implementation of the plan, in the process of implementation of the program you will become simple, save your time. Good inside chain can improve the search engine index rate, we all know that a page to be collected, the first is to be "" (spider crawling search engines work can see "Xiaoqiang Shanghai dragon er from 0 to pass" the food), spider crawling after will be put into the search engine in contrast to delete data. Generally we are the spider crawling channel to build outside of the link, but if you want to pages within the website also be included if you need a good internal link. read more

  • The end of the month before the love of Shanghai will have a wide range of update


    online chat forum in Shanghai in Shanghai Lee said recently did not update the larger algorithm, probably before the end of this month, the main quality content, low quality content is suppressed, the specific details will be announced early next week in advance algorithm and interpretation, and to disclose, the recent site grammar results will have a major adjustment.

    Lee also showed that Shanghai love search results without any channel intervention, only to the user experience as the only basis. As long as the webmaster can provide high-quality content, better than the library, know better is not a problem, the premise is compared with better quality, better user experience. read more

  • Shanghai love right ranking search is how to do

    recently in Shanghai ranked the right people having sex, but also a new challenge for me, this ranking has never been done before, the success is personally a little break, another side, also can see that love Shanghai in the rankings, the ranking of the brand influence. The method here to share out.

    4, keyword search volume


    can love Shanghai search results page to show the relevant search and related business or related characters are influential enterprises, search and characters, so want to have ranking on the right side, it must have influence, so how to make the search engine that your business platform, I think it is influential. Judging from the following aspects: read more

  • The eight quality search engine favorite websites should have

    five, a regular habit of stable content.


    search engine to provide Internet users is related to the information they need, the quality of the information precisely determines the status of the search engine users in mind, the survival and development and market share are closely related. Therefore, high quality content search engine will attach great importance to originality in the screening of the effect of the content of the website, after all these contents for users to provide high quality information plays a decisive role in the website therefore need to increase the proportion of the original content, for the further love. read more

  • Enterprise web site is K how to deal with the operation experience

    site operation site is K, the webmaster please don’t be nervous, should do is to analyze the website is the cause of the K, it is generally for the optimization of K the following reasons: Web site space is not stable, a large number of sites, a large number of cheating, pseudo original web site optimization excessive, long time no update etc.. According to the above conditions the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) solutions to say to you: read more

  • Black chain business make only superficial changes again

    2, disguised as copyright

    Links still useful? There is no doubt that there is definitely effect, only those that love Shanghai "is not recommended links" is a violation of the principle of search engine. Therefore, with the contents of correlation, the weight of high Links, in the search engine to vote on the website of the high value of certain. You can focus on their own industry ranking of the site, the number of Links are many. The past few days has continued to receive advertising information Links group, black chain business and advocating their new model. read more